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Create, develop, assimilate and apply scientific and technological knowledge, promote the training of skilled human resources to support the national industry and contribute to the sustained and sustainable country development.


Be an enterprise dedicated essentially to technological development, focusing on the generation of knowledge and critical skills to the industry today, to transform knowledge into industrial realities, which offers and sells quality products and services with high technological content, organized to respond quickly to change and able to maintain its financial self-sufficiency.


  • Knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Discipline
  • Team work
  • Leadership
  • Recognition
  • Quality
  • Competitiveness
  • Identity
  • Spirit of service


SIELC SAS was created by a group of experienced engineers in different brands on the market, in order to put at your service a portfolio of solutions to meet your requirements for technical and administrative support during the stages of design and implementation, through strategic recommendations, specialized supervision, installation through good practices, proper implementation of on-site testing, comissioning, supervision, audits and assessments, key to the efficient operation and sustainability of your technological infrastructure and project management, which it is critical to cost control and logistics efficiency, which will enable the successful achievement of its solution, which may be related to the operation of telecommunications systems (wired and wireless), electrical systems (equipment supply, support and distribution of regulated and unregulated electricity), environmental control systems (air conditioning equipment type comfort and type accuracy), lighting (explosion-proof light, LED light) required for public lighting, data centers, technical rooms and offices as well as the implementation of applications (software control and monitoring) associated to health infrastructure, financial, educational, mining, Oil & Gas, commerce and government.

We help our clients when they trust their processes Design and Implementation to a strategic partner like SIELC SAS, thanks to the flexible partnership model we provide. We offer the agility of a smaller organization, the experience of trained industry and commitment to deliver value Engineers. With a balanced view of strategy, people and technology, we work with our customers to understand their unique business needs and deliver technology solutions tailored.



Low voltage switchgears

Precision Air Conditioning


Landing Station Level 3

  • Location: Punta Bazán (Valle del Cauca)​
  • Personnel in charge: 120 max
  • Execution time: 9 months​
  • Project cost: $ 3.5​M USD​
  • Scope: Project management for the implementation of civilian infrastructure, electrical, mechanical and safety; that includes, the whole construction of the building in extreme conditions, installation of electrical systems of medium and low voltage, UPS regulated systems, rectifiers, inverters and batteries, air conditioners of precision and comfort, detection systems, extinction, early detection system by vesda, access control, CCTV, among others.

Clinic Arenas

  • Location: Valledupar (Cesar)
  • Personnel in charge: 20 people
  • Execution time: 12 months (5 stages)
  • Project cost: $ 1,250M COP
  • Scope: Supply and installation of special systems such as structured cabling and fiber optics, standard detection system, loudspeakers system, CCTV system, wireless nurse call, access control, UPS regulated systems, project management.

Data Center GTD Flywan

Location: Medellín (Antioquia)
Personnelin charge: 90 people
Tiempo de ejecución: 5 months (1 stage)
Project cost: $ 3,2M USD
Scope: Project management of the first phase of the Data Center, TIER III certified by the Uptime Institute, which included among other things the integration of the following specialties; electrical system in medium and low voltage, ow voltage distribution pipeline, UPS regulated system from 150KVA to 480VAC, backup battery packs, electrical low voltage switchgear, precision air conditioners of 25TR, comfort air conditioners, mechanical ventilation, system of extinction, early warning system by vesda, standard detection system, access control, CCTV, BMS, communications racks, cold aisle containment, among others.


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